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Travel destinations in U.A.E


The United Arab Emirates have become one of the favourite places for many people. This is the best place for family holidays and city breaks.

Travel guide by ibn battuta can help you to tell which places are famous and popular among people.


Travel guide first choice for tourist to visit, Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous building and a sky-high landmark in Dubai.and is the first option to tourist to visit by a travel guide. It is the tallest building in the world with titles of the tallest freestanding structure, higher observation desk and elevators covering longest distance. Going up to observation desk on the 124th floor and seeing the view of Dubai is so heart touching and eye-cooling.

Back on the ground around the Burj Khalifa are building beautifully designed gardens, there are also water features including Dubai fountain which is the tallest fountain.


Mosque Sheikh Zayed:

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the modern mosque with so much beauty. It is a landmark of Abu Dhabi. The mosque has a contemporary design and ancient craft and blends of ancient and modern techniques and styles. That gives a new perception of Islamic architecture. A visit here is must when you come to Abu Dhabi. Its interior is done with gold, having mosaic titles, glass work, marble and white stone which never fails to impress anyone. Non- Muslims are allowed into all areas, and travel guide is available here.


The art museum in Sharjah:

The most important museum dedicated to art in Emirates is the Sharjah Arts Museum. This is the largest museum in Emirates., having 72 galleries. This is home to people who love art collection. It has work of Arabic artist as well as of European artists who has painted the Arab world.


Jebel feet:

Jebel hafeet is a second highest peak in U.A.E. After having a mountain drive, you reach this place and can have a vast view of the desert. One of the well-known places where every tourist wishes to go, this place is recommended by many travel guide.


Bastakia of Dubai:

Bastakia is the last remaining portion of Dubai. That was built in a late 19th century. This area shows past of Dubai. Narrowed lines are linked to preserved building in Arabian style.



There so many beaches in U.A.E. From the city beaches to the coast of Dubai. Abu Dhabi Golden beach to luxury sweeps of Ajman, you have so many choices. Water sports such as diving, snorkelling are available in many resorts.



Creek Dhow Ride:

The most iconic view of Dubai is taken from the water. This the best way to see Dubai in Dhow which is traditional Arabic boat.


Al-Bidyah Mosque:

Al-Bidyah Mosque is the oldest one in U.A.E. This is the most important and historical place. The building is beautifully designed with still having original ventilation pattern on the wall. This area is an archaeological site, where many pottery and metal artifacts have been uncovered.


These are the places you can visit whenever go to U.A.E. Travel guide are available to guide you about all places and give information of these sites.