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Pros and Cons of renewable energy sources

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources are commonly used today. Governments are encouraging its use because it lowers the burden on non renewable sources. Moreover, the fact that these sources are highly reliable makes it a good choice for individuals as well. However, there are certain drawbacks to green energy. Some people go in its favor due to advantages that is supply while others can be seen speaking against them due to its drawbacks. Here, we are going to explain both pros and cons of such energy and we will let you decide whether or not it is your choice.


First of all, these resources are available in abundance. Consider some of such sources that include sun, wind, geothermal and ocean. Take a look at the quantity that you have available in concern with these things. Well, they are here to last until the humans are living on this planet. On the other hand, if we take the non-renewable energy into consideration, no matter how carefully we are going to use it, it will expire one day.

The carbon content that these energy sources emit is pretty low. It is why you might see people referring to these as the green energy. They are environment friendly and can aid us in its preservation.

This type of energy also aids the stimulation of economy by opening up new employment opportunities. The amount you spend in making plants to utilize these sources can aid in providing job to thousands of people.

When you opt to use the renewable sources, you are not going to rely on any other country for its supply. Think about the non renewable sources such as oil, coal, gas etc. These are the ones that might be present in one country but can be absent in the next state. Therefore, if you use one of these, you will have to rely on the providers of this source. However, this won’t be the case if you use renewable energy.

These energy sources are also considerable if you take a look at the current power sources and their prices. Electricity is the main source of power these days and its production mostly relies on oil, gas, coal etc. These sources will decrease with the time that will cause rates to go high and ultimately, the electricity prices will increase. But if you use renewable energy source for the production of electricity, the cost can be reduced to a great extent.


First of all, the plants are required to be set if you are looking to convert the natural energy sources into useful form of energy. It will cost quite a good amount of money to create the initial setup.

Secondly, some of these energy sources are bound with a certain element. For example, you can only use sunlight in day time. And for the wind mills, you need a good speed of wind to keep them functioning.

Geothermal energy is also used for electricity generation. However, experts point out towards the fact that there is a risk that the toxic chemicals in the core of earth will come up as a result of such production. Other energy sources are also under criticism for one reason or the other.


So, these are the pros and cons of renewable energy sources. It is useful to some extent however certain limitations and restrictions also apply.