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Duties of public relation officer

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Public relation officer is a spokesperson for an organization. He is also known as media specialist who is responsible for communication between organization and public. He performs a key role in an organization by performing many roles. Some of the duties of public relation officer are:

Reputation manager

He is responsible for maintaining the reputation of the organization in front of general public. Goodwill of organization is dependent on him because he has to communicate matters of a company to potential customers, media and stakeholders. He should know what is to convey to the public and what is not to convey to maintain the reputation of the organization. He has to provide PRO services in Dubai to create an image of a company.

Media specialist

Public relation officer is also known as media specialist because he has to perform duties as media journalist and communicator to public. He is responsible to best communicate with customer and stakeholders through media. Media is a way through which interests and policies of the organization are published to stakeholders and customers.

Promotion of products and services

It is a duty of public relation officer to promote products and services of a company with which he works. He can promote products and services through news, exhibitions, events management, press conference organizations and publishing articles.

Introduce new products to market

Public relationship officer is responsible for promoting a product which is created by a company. He has to manage promotional events by planning strategies. He has to launch a new product to market.

PRO as outgoing person

One of the roles of public relationship officer is to interact with other people such as media persons, customers, potential clients, and stakeholders. He should be an outgoing person to perform these activities.

Situation handler

Public relationship officer has to provide PRO services by handling critical situations. He has to answer questions of public and media when issues arise. These issues may relate to products development and employees conflicts etc.

Budget management

It is a responsibility of public relation officer to oversee entire communication department in a company. He has to assure that promotional event are not too much costly and burden on budget of organization. He has to provide financial services as well.


Public relation officer is an advocate for an organization. He has to build an organization and maintain an image in front of stakeholders and clients.

Opinion master

He has to communicate with other employees in an organization. He has to give them an opinion about what is good for the health of the organization and what is not. He has to approve information to launch in front of public, customers and stakeholders. He oversees other employees for what information is suitable to communicate through social media and what is not.

Organizational performance

The performance of an organization depends on public relation officer performance. He has to perform his tasks and duties in a way that enable to achieve organizational goals. A company can gain profit through the efficient performance of public relation officer.

So, PRO services help organizations to maintain their reputation in eyes of stakeholders, potential customers, and clients. He has to communicate with the public through social media.