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The best pots and pans for glass top stoves in 2017

Different kinds of pots and pans are available in market. You need to select a pot and pan according to your requirements. Selection of a pot and pan depends on certain factors. You need to check its durability, ease of clean and kind of stove you use in your kitchen. Each stove requires certain pots […]

Why Social Media is Important to our life?

Social Media importance

I was born in 1972 when social media had not yet started, it was in high school 9th grade 1988 that we were introduced to the most basic computer programming, our final was being able to program the computer to “make the bird fly”.  It was a very short program lengthwise about five seconds long […]

Pros and Cons of renewable energy sources

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources are commonly used today. Governments are encouraging its use because it lowers the burden on non renewable sources. Moreover, the fact that these sources are highly reliable makes it a good choice for individuals as well. However, there are certain drawbacks to green energy. Some people go in its favor due to […]

Duties of public relation officer

PRO services in Dubai

Public relation officer is a spokesperson for an organization. He is also known as media specialist who is responsible for communication between organization and public. He performs a key role in an organization by performing many roles. Some of the duties of public relation officer are: Reputation manager He is responsible for maintaining the reputation […]