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Best place to visit in Morocco


Dakhla, Western Sahara

Dakhla Is situate in Western Sahara. It is disputed territory administrated by Morocco. Its total population is 106,277. Dakhla was occupied by Spain from the 19th century to 1976. It is an island.Dakhla is located towards the south of Laayoune. It is connected to another part of the world through land and airports. Its lifestyle and architect are beautiful of Spain and Morocco. The religion of people of Dakhla is Islam with the Sunni sect.

History of Dakhla:

Dakhla was established by Spanish while they expand their empires. They did so in interest of fishing as a hobby and as a profession. With the passage of time, Spanish hold in Dallas becomes stable till it becomes the colony of Spain. They built Catholic churches and forts. Spain kept a hold on Dakhla till 1975. After 1975 it becomes dispute between Morocco and Mauritania.

The economy of Dakhla:

We all knew that Dakhla is an island. So occupation of people of Dakhla is tourism and fishing. Goldo de Cintra and the world heritage of National Park are in the south of Dakhla and plays vital role in promoting tourism. Oyster fisheries and farming is the old occupation of people of Dakhla. There is unique balance in the sale of the oyster. As fish is sold to local people, then to restaurants and finally if spare then it is sold to Europeans. Individuals and restaurant owners of Europe are interested in the oyster of Dakhla. Moreover, Oil reserves are found in the coastline of Dakhla. Even US`s firm searches for oil in Western Sahara in 2015 with residents. It is believed that oil is the main reason for dispute there.

The climate of Dakhla:

The weather o Dakhla is considered as moderate. It is not too high not too low. January is its coolest month with average temperature of 17C.Whereas September is its hottest month with average temperature 41C. The average rainfall of Dakhla is 33 milliliter in a year. Overall weather condition is fit for fishers.

Things to do in Dakhla:

Well, there are many activities to do in Dakhla. As we know that Dakhla is an Island with the vibrant and lively beach. So you can enjoy water sports here. Kite surfing, surf casting, and wind surfing are some favorite games in Dakhla. Ascona Mosque is the sacred place in Dakhla. Traveler here can also enjoy Quad Dakhla adventures.

Dakhla Beech:

Dakhla beach as we and is told in the article that it is in sharp. So it is best and beautiful combination Zahra and beach. SO you can travel on the back of calls and see the beauties of the desert as well as you ca sit on the beach sand and enjoy lovely adventures of boat surfers and other surfing games.

Dakhla Camping:

Tourists will defiantly find many hotels inside Dakhla as well as outside Dakhla. However, some adventurers love to camp in Dakhla. Administration of Dakhla provides all possible facilities to enjoy camping in Dakhla. Moussafer is favorite camping spot in Dakhla. It is located towards the south, the first checkpoint of the city.