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How Expensive are Pregnancy Tests

Being a woman who is undergoing some lifestyle change, it’s a must that you know the other important things that you must have now these days. Whether you like it or not, you have got to know how expensive are pregnancy tests so you could fix your budget with it. If you are not ready to raise a family yet, then maybe you should also think about family planning first, and this material is one of the things that will help you with it. Don’t go without this when you are sexually active. Sex is cool, but you also have to know the responsibilities that come along with it.

How Expensive are Pregnancy Tests in the Market

Many of you of would just shut down and totally not think of the consequences that sex could bring forth until they already happened. Unwanted pregnancies occur most of the time if it not planned or if it’s just right in the heat of the moment. No judgment there because we are all only humans and sex is one of the activities that we are known to do and actually must do because it is healthy. But in case you are not aware of how expensive are hot flashes pregnancy healthandcare tests, then allow us to walk you through the reality that some could be ridiculously pricey. So if you are barely making ends meet, what we could suggest is you might just want to tone down with your whole sexual activity or might as well do it safely.

How Expensive are Pregnancy Tests Online

How expensive are pregnancy tests would depend on your income? For some $10 is not considered pricey, while for others that’s already a handful. But not to worry anyway because there are stores that distribute these materials for only a dollar. Check Dollar Tree and the Dollar Store for more of their products. We are thankful for stores like the Dollar Store as it serves as a saving grace for many who cannot afford these products that are sold in pharmacies for a much higher price. You can also even get some stuff from the mail that is free only if you are patient enough to find them online or even in newspapers.

How Expensive are Pregnancy Tests in General

Being aware of how expensive are pregnancy tests in the market will make you even more responsible on the matter. It is good that you are making an effort about this to equip yourself with the right information that you could gather. Best to be ready anyway with the prices and the brands that you should use to get the accuracy of the product for your good. Not all expensive pregnancy tests are good by the way. Some could even be inaccurate, but then it will be up to you on how you will manage it because it’s really on how you have understood the instructions. For more accurate instructions view more at

Do playing 1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search game is an addictive app for your amusements


Description: are you having an interest in Do playing 1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search game is an addictive app for your amusements? Here you likely to get all the current solutions to your doubts.


Inside the occasion that there is one entertainment who can give you a ton of flexibility in looking phrases with one of those great quantity of captivating matters in particular to be able to lead which include your mind making ready then perhaps it’s far immaculate time that you need to play 1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search game the motive is pure who dislikes chasing for words that can positively assist them to make an appropriate word that bodes nicely and you could share your senses internal and out potential. You’ve got played some recreations diagnosed with phrases, yet some they want a plot that at remaining enables you to increment your timings of speculating in most useful a short span.

You need to view yourself as fortunate while you find the opportunity to play answerskey seven little words and admire in mind of the reality that attempts to squander some hours. However, none of them pays off such as you needed. In any case, this application has the benefits positively wherein you get yourself encompassed via many letter disciplines and also you want to burrow down profound to provide an accurate one.

After clarifying this we have now below listed a few actual real facts of Do playing 1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search game is an addictive app for your amusements to help you realize what are its key factors, how you could play it diagnosed with noteworthy plot, who has built up, this exceptional entertainment, when the correct time you may make use of hints that will help you and is it actually really worth to attempt anyhow.

  • What is its fundamental mechanics?

You will be greatly surprised to see some of its leader additives that make it a lot charming, and with it, you can soak up its rudiments too which include,

  1. A) Big advantage of less typing and have fun
  2. B) 25 levels in each puzzle
  3. C) Available in different languages
  • How could you be capable of play it recognized with its basic plot?

There are three forms of problem stages you will get the opportunity to play from simple, medium and tight. You’ll see as you try and tackles ”1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search all stages” with the aid of progressing to various plots.

  • Who has built up this terrific app?

The engineer of this exceptional utility is second gear games who are this sort of great quantity of renowned for making word diversions for individuals of any age to appreciate.

  • When the right time you can put tricks that will help you?

Often chasing phrases can have an impact on you’re the complete walkthrough, and you could lose or caught on a few plots for that you can set ”1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search hints” to help you in comprehending.

  • Is it simply really worth to try anyhow?

1 PIC 1 Clue Word Search game is the amusement that cannot leave out. You can respect having a ton of amusing at the same time as investing hours again and again however by no means get exhausted. Play 1 PIC 1 clue online free on this site,

Introduction to unblocked games

unblocked games

The game is the source of the enjoyment as well as the source of education nowadays. Unblocked games 66 are those games which are not blocked or these can be unblocked by using the software and websites. They are used by the schools and other curricular organizations to strengthen the mind of their students. These schools have access to the software for unblocking the games which are helpful for the study of the students.

Unblocked games help in math

Several unblocked games are found on the websites which help to sharpen the mind of students for the subject of mathematics. Children can learn the maths solution tricks by playing these unblocked games of maths. For example, is the site which is founded by the mathematician Hood which provides almost 700 unblocked games related to the maths questions solution. They basically tell about the tricks to solve the tricky questions about the subject of math. Some of these games are puzzle games while others are actions games including the math related sequence. Some of the math related unblocked games are Mouse Trap, Stick Ninja, Great Advisor, Omit Orange, Feed the Figures, Hood Stacker, Mini Games, Zen Words, Split Balls, and Rearrange Letters etc. These unblocked games for maths are classified on the grades of the students according to their education level. Students of 8th grade of the class can play their specific games while students of 5th grade can play different games by mentioning their grade on the games sites. Some of the other unblocked games sites for the maths are Math Is Fun, Cool Math Games, Shepherded games etc.

Unblocked games helping in English

Several unblocked games sites are found to learn English. These games help to learn English in the fun without being tired. The objective of such learning games is to provide the learning for the students of different games about the English. Some of the puzzle games may relate to the unblocked games for English. These puzzle games sharpen your vocabulary by arranging the letters and improve your English language. Some of the unblocked games for English are Fast Phrases, Hang Man, Bubbles, fast English etc. Unblocked games for English learning help the students a lot.

Benefits of the unblocked games

Unblocked games help to be active cognitively to the children. Children play unblocked games at their laptops easily to sharpen their mind. These unblocked games are not only used as a source of enjoyment such as the Battle Field and many other games but as used as the source of learning. In this technological advancement era, children play these games for the learning in the context of enjoyment. You can play unblocked games 77 online as well as through the applications. Blocked games can also be unlocked by using the VPN source and the software of unblocking for the blocked games. In this way, learning is done not only through books but also through the unblocked games of learning.

Pros and Cons of renewable energy sources

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources are commonly used today. Governments are encouraging its use because it lowers the burden on non renewable sources. Moreover, the fact that these sources are highly reliable makes it a good choice for individuals as well. However, there are certain drawbacks to green energy. Some people go in its favor due to advantages that is supply while others can be seen speaking against them due to its drawbacks. Here, we are going to explain both pros and cons of such energy and we will let you decide whether or not it is your choice.


First of all, these resources are available in abundance. Consider some of such sources that include sun, wind, geothermal and ocean. Take a look at the quantity that you have available in concern with these things. Well, they are here to last until the humans are living on this planet. On the other hand, if we take the non-renewable energy into consideration, no matter how carefully we are going to use it, it will expire one day.

The carbon content that these energy sources emit is pretty low. It is why you might see people referring to these as the green energy. They are environment friendly and can aid us in its preservation.

This type of energy also aids the stimulation of economy by opening up new employment opportunities. The amount you spend in making plants to utilize these sources can aid in providing job to thousands of people.

When you opt to use the renewable sources, you are not going to rely on any other country for its supply. Think about the non renewable sources such as oil, coal, gas etc. These are the ones that might be present in one country but can be absent in the next state. Therefore, if you use one of these, you will have to rely on the providers of this source. However, this won’t be the case if you use renewable energy.

These energy sources are also considerable if you take a look at the current power sources and their prices. Electricity is the main source of power these days and its production mostly relies on oil, gas, coal etc. These sources will decrease with the time that will cause rates to go high and ultimately, the electricity prices will increase. But if you use renewable energy source for the production of electricity, the cost can be reduced to a great extent.


First of all, the plants are required to be set if you are looking to convert the natural energy sources into useful form of energy. It will cost quite a good amount of money to create the initial setup.

Secondly, some of these energy sources are bound with a certain element. For example, you can only use sunlight in day time. And for the wind mills, you need a good speed of wind to keep them functioning.

Geothermal energy is also used for electricity generation. However, experts point out towards the fact that there is a risk that the toxic chemicals in the core of earth will come up as a result of such production. Other energy sources are also under criticism for one reason or the other.


So, these are the pros and cons of renewable energy sources. It is useful to some extent however certain limitations and restrictions also apply.


Best place to visit in Morocco


Dakhla, Western Sahara

Dakhla Is situate in Western Sahara. It is disputed territory administrated by Morocco. Its total population is 106,277. Dakhla was occupied by Spain from the 19th century to 1976. It is an island.Dakhla is located towards the south of Laayoune. It is connected to another part of the world through land and airports. Its lifestyle and architect are beautiful of Spain and Morocco. The religion of people of Dakhla is Islam with the Sunni sect.

History of Dakhla:

Dakhla was established by Spanish while they expand their empires. They did so in interest of fishing as a hobby and as a profession. With the passage of time, Spanish hold in Dallas becomes stable till it becomes the colony of Spain. They built Catholic churches and forts. Spain kept a hold on Dakhla till 1975. After 1975 it becomes dispute between Morocco and Mauritania.

The economy of Dakhla:

We all knew that Dakhla is an island. So occupation of people of Dakhla is tourism and fishing. Goldo de Cintra and the world heritage of National Park are in the south of Dakhla and plays vital role in promoting tourism. Oyster fisheries and farming is the old occupation of people of Dakhla. There is unique balance in the sale of the oyster. As fish is sold to local people, then to restaurants and finally if spare then it is sold to Europeans. Individuals and restaurant owners of Europe are interested in the oyster of Dakhla. Moreover, Oil reserves are found in the coastline of Dakhla. Even US`s firm searches for oil in Western Sahara in 2015 with residents. It is believed that oil is the main reason for dispute there.

The climate of Dakhla:

The weather o Dakhla is considered as moderate. It is not too high not too low. January is its coolest month with average temperature of 17C.Whereas September is its hottest month with average temperature 41C. The average rainfall of Dakhla is 33 milliliter in a year. Overall weather condition is fit for fishers.

Things to do in Dakhla:

Well, there are many activities to do in Dakhla. As we know that Dakhla is an Island with the vibrant and lively beach. So you can enjoy water sports here. Kite surfing, surf casting, and wind surfing are some favorite games in Dakhla. Ascona Mosque is the sacred place in Dakhla. Traveler here can also enjoy Quad Dakhla adventures.

Dakhla Beech:

Dakhla beach as we and is told in the article that it is in sharp. So it is best and beautiful combination Zahra and beach. SO you can travel on the back of calls and see the beauties of the desert as well as you ca sit on the beach sand and enjoy lovely adventures of boat surfers and other surfing games.

Dakhla Camping:

Tourists will defiantly find many hotels inside Dakhla as well as outside Dakhla. However, some adventurers love to camp in Dakhla. Administration of Dakhla provides all possible facilities to enjoy camping in Dakhla. Moussafer is favorite camping spot in Dakhla. It is located towards the south, the first checkpoint of the city.



Making investment in MENA region

MENA Region

The Middle East and North Africa is a region consisting of Arab countries. It includes countries from morocco to Iran. It consists all Middle Eastern countries from east to west. Arab countries included in this region are Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Jordan and others. Because of Arab countries involvement, MENA region is also known as the Arab world. It is a region with economic stability. It contains reserves of natural gas and petroleum in great quantity. Making investment as a businessman in this region is not a difficult task. Investment market in the Middle East and North Africa is very optimistic for businessmen.

Investment background

Equity investment in this region is very challenging but optimistic. Investment activities in this region have developed during previous ten years. Investors are outperforming in the equity investment, investment banks, public markets and other investment companies. It is very challenging for investors to create a portfolio of their investments in this region. They invest in different countries of this region. Several years back, countries in this region were at their peak of investment and economy stability.

During the previous years, due to development in the investment industry, private equity investment was very attractive for businessmen all around the world. This situation was built due to several economic reforms by the government, young people association for business and growing wealth.

Current investment condition

Investment market of MENA region is at its initial stage as compared to other developed countries in the world. Economic stability is going be rise and GDP growth is leading to uplift the potential of the investment. Markets in this region are becoming mature in this modern era. This is the reason why people are investing in countries of this region. Foreign direct investments are made by companies locally and internationally. Private equity companies are attracting investors.

Securities market in MENA

Stock markets of different countries in MENA region are growing significantly. Several companies are listed on the stock markets of countries and are developed due to total market capitalization. The number of listed companies are increased in Dubai stock exchange during 2004-10. But this has not lead the growth in total market capitalization of Dubai stock exchange.

Private sector in MENA

Many largest companies in the Middle East and North Africa region are not listed in stock markets. Companies of Bahrain, Libya, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and some other countries are not included in the stock market listing. The business environment of MENA region is different as compared to other countries in the world. This environment is different due to distinguishable characteristics of family-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and small and medium enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa region.

So, making an investment in MENA region is difficult and challenging. The investment and market is growing gradually in this region. However, it is still behind the other developed economies of the world. Many largest FDIs around the world invest in this region including oil producing companies.

How to Google, Bing and yahoo helps in social media marketing

social media

Social media marketing consists of promotion of products and services through social media platforms such as Facebook, google, Instagram, YouTube etc. These social media platforms use their own built tools for the promotion of products and success of companies. Companies get a huge number of customers through these platforms.  Organizations can introduce new marketing campaigns for their products through social media services. They have to focus social media platform which is most often used by their target market. Social media is a compulsory component for people in their daily life. We use social media for every activity performed during a day. For example watching a movie and playing games even use social media platforms such as google, yahoo etc.

Social media platforms

There are a lot of social media platforms are found in this modern era. We can use Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and other social media services. Businesses can increase their sales and expand their branches due to these social media services. Traffic on the account of companies can be increased through buying Instagram followers from this website: which will help greatly to create new customers for the company.

How google helps for social media marketing

Social media marketing is helped by different related services. Google is one of them which helps to market brands successfully. It has introduced features to get more traffic for the company. Google provides the facility of website creation which helps to increase traffic in a huge number. Creation of website on google is free through

Business can grow by this website creation. They have to update information related to the products and services which will attract more customers on the website. Updated data and easy customer contact service on website attract customers toward the brand.

Google has introduced the feature of google plus which is used as social media marketing tool for companies. Users have to log in on the google plus to get services. It effects on search engine ranking. You can use google hangouts for connection with fans. You can share news and information regarding your business on google plus profile. This will drive traffic to your website.

How Bing helps for social media marketing

Bing is a social media platform which provides assistance for marketing products and services of companies. Companies can create account synchronized to this platform. They can share their contents and information on the website of Bing and can get improved results from this. It will help them create new customers for their brand.

How yahoo helps for marketing through social media

Yahoo is one of the social media platforms. It is a multinational technology company having headquarter located in California. It was founded by David filo and jerry yang. It has introduced new and extended features for the users. Companies can create an account on yahoo and can share information related to products and services. Customers need to update by this platform. Some other features of yahoo include yahoo meme, yahoo boss, yahoo next, yahoo accessibility and others.

So, google, yahoo and Bing is a social media platform for marketing of products and services offered by companies. They can create account and websites for the promotion of their products and increase sales.

Travel destinations in U.A.E


The United Arab Emirates have become one of the favourite places for many people. This is the best place for family holidays and city breaks.

Travel guide by ibn battuta can help you to tell which places are famous and popular among people.


Travel guide first choice for tourist to visit, Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous building and a sky-high landmark in Dubai.and is the first option to tourist to visit by a travel guide. It is the tallest building in the world with titles of the tallest freestanding structure, higher observation desk and elevators covering longest distance. Going up to observation desk on the 124th floor and seeing the view of Dubai is so heart touching and eye-cooling.

Back on the ground around the Burj Khalifa are building beautifully designed gardens, there are also water features including Dubai fountain which is the tallest fountain.


Mosque Sheikh Zayed:

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the modern mosque with so much beauty. It is a landmark of Abu Dhabi. The mosque has a contemporary design and ancient craft and blends of ancient and modern techniques and styles. That gives a new perception of Islamic architecture. A visit here is must when you come to Abu Dhabi. Its interior is done with gold, having mosaic titles, glass work, marble and white stone which never fails to impress anyone. Non- Muslims are allowed into all areas, and travel guide is available here.


The art museum in Sharjah:

The most important museum dedicated to art in Emirates is the Sharjah Arts Museum. This is the largest museum in Emirates., having 72 galleries. This is home to people who love art collection. It has work of Arabic artist as well as of European artists who has painted the Arab world.


Jebel feet:

Jebel hafeet is a second highest peak in U.A.E. After having a mountain drive, you reach this place and can have a vast view of the desert. One of the well-known places where every tourist wishes to go, this place is recommended by many travel guide.


Bastakia of Dubai:

Bastakia is the last remaining portion of Dubai. That was built in a late 19th century. This area shows past of Dubai. Narrowed lines are linked to preserved building in Arabian style.



There so many beaches in U.A.E. From the city beaches to the coast of Dubai. Abu Dhabi Golden beach to luxury sweeps of Ajman, you have so many choices. Water sports such as diving, snorkelling are available in many resorts.



Creek Dhow Ride:

The most iconic view of Dubai is taken from the water. This the best way to see Dubai in Dhow which is traditional Arabic boat.


Al-Bidyah Mosque:

Al-Bidyah Mosque is the oldest one in U.A.E. This is the most important and historical place. The building is beautifully designed with still having original ventilation pattern on the wall. This area is an archaeological site, where many pottery and metal artifacts have been uncovered.


These are the places you can visit whenever go to U.A.E. Travel guide are available to guide you about all places and give information of these sites.

Duties of public relation officer

PRO services in Dubai

Public relation officer is a spokesperson for an organization. He is also known as media specialist who is responsible for communication between organization and public. He performs a key role in an organization by performing many roles. Some of the duties of public relation officer are:

Reputation manager

He is responsible for maintaining the reputation of the organization in front of general public. Goodwill of organization is dependent on him because he has to communicate matters of a company to potential customers, media and stakeholders. He should know what is to convey to the public and what is not to convey to maintain the reputation of the organization. He has to provide PRO services in Dubai to create an image of a company.

Media specialist

Public relation officer is also known as media specialist because he has to perform duties as media journalist and communicator to public. He is responsible to best communicate with customer and stakeholders through media. Media is a way through which interests and policies of the organization are published to stakeholders and customers.

Promotion of products and services

It is a duty of public relation officer to promote products and services of a company with which he works. He can promote products and services through news, exhibitions, events management, press conference organizations and publishing articles.

Introduce new products to market

Public relationship officer is responsible for promoting a product which is created by a company. He has to manage promotional events by planning strategies. He has to launch a new product to market.

PRO as outgoing person

One of the roles of public relationship officer is to interact with other people such as media persons, customers, potential clients, and stakeholders. He should be an outgoing person to perform these activities.

Situation handler

Public relationship officer has to provide PRO services by handling critical situations. He has to answer questions of public and media when issues arise. These issues may relate to products development and employees conflicts etc.

Budget management

It is a responsibility of public relation officer to oversee entire communication department in a company. He has to assure that promotional event are not too much costly and burden on budget of organization. He has to provide financial services as well.


Public relation officer is an advocate for an organization. He has to build an organization and maintain an image in front of stakeholders and clients.

Opinion master

He has to communicate with other employees in an organization. He has to give them an opinion about what is good for the health of the organization and what is not. He has to approve information to launch in front of public, customers and stakeholders. He oversees other employees for what information is suitable to communicate through social media and what is not.

Organizational performance

The performance of an organization depends on public relation officer performance. He has to perform his tasks and duties in a way that enable to achieve organizational goals. A company can gain profit through the efficient performance of public relation officer.

So, PRO services help organizations to maintain their reputation in eyes of stakeholders, potential customers, and clients. He has to communicate with the public through social media.

Progress of the Development Plan for Greater Casablanca 2015-2020 discussed by the Wali of Casablanca-Settat

development plan

The Wali of the region of Casablanca-Settat, Khalid Safir, presented the progress of the development plan of the Grand Casablanca 2015-2020 in the presence the students of the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences of Aïn Chock.

The development plan for the economic capital mobilizing MAD33.6 million was launched and approved by the Morocco King KM King Mohamed VI on September 26, 2014. According to the Wali, from the total budget of MAD33.6 million, ten  agreements were signed, and nine million Moroccan dirhams are now committed, to which MAD16 million of public investments committed between 2015 and 2016 are added, and from other conventions and programs, such as the Grand Theater, new urban centers or works in the port of Casablanca.

At the beginning of his speech, the Wali recalled that the dynamics initiated at Casablanca level originated from the speech which was the Sovereign had made in Parliament on October 11, 2013, and which had identified the real challenges to raise the city of Casablanca to the rank of the modern metropolis and international financial hub.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Casablanca City has the potential to become one to most important financial and economic hubs internationally as it offers a wide range of investment opportunities to foreign lands. Although Casablanca is considered the most industrialized city in Morocco, it is still open for further developments. Casablanca is where the business scene is very dynamic. The development plan could be the key to putting the city of Casablanca in the international platform with regards to trading, service industry, construction, renewable energy and so on.

According to the progress report, three hopper projects will start in April.  These are the Almohad hopper linking Zellaqua square to the Hassan II mosque near the port of Casablanca; the Sidi Abderrahmane hopper which will decongest the traffic on the road Of Azemmour and the hopper of the Ain Sebaâ zoo along the Boulevard Moulay Ismail. An automatic traffic controller will be introduced in the summer. The technology is a central, highly automated and state-of-the-art traffic control center with a central intelligent platform, it will primarily operate 200 video surveillance cameras and will automatically pilot approximately 30 intersections installed with smart controllers. The latter will be programmed to measure the lengths of the traffic lanes per direction and to adjust the waiting times to the crossings consequently.

The progress for the new means of mobilization is in progress.  The second line of the Casablanca tram, serving the districts of Ain Sebaa and Sidi Bernoussi, and the extension of the first line to the Lissasfa district will be open to the public at the end of October 2018 according to the Wali of Casablanca-Settat.  The third and fourth lines will connect Mohammed VI Avenue and Oulad Ziane Boulevard, respectively, to Casa Port Station (dark red line) and Hassan II Mosque (green line). The bus transport sector will take its turn, and by the end of the contract of the current dealer Mdina Bus in 2019, it will have a total renewal of its fleet as well as the accommodation of a new set of management.